A little disclaimer

Not the kind you’re probably thinking…

Because I’ll soon be very busy with assignments for Delta Module Two, please excuse me if the quality of writing in this blog is not up to (my) standard.

Organisation, coherence, and cohesion may not be at the levels I’d like them to be.

However, I intend to polish what I’ve written – somewhere down the track – so that the posts may better be of use to future Delta-takers.

The kind you’re probably thinking…

I’m not an expert on the Cambridge Delta modules, nor am I even experienced – I am only just about to start studying for them! So please, don’t take my word as unimpeachable – get your information from more than one source (from the ‘official’ ones, if at all possible!) and research far and wide. I’m hoping what I write about on this blog will help those in similar shoes to me.