Who’s this Ginger?

This Ginger is named Stewart, and he hails from Australia, but currently resides in Bangkok.

Before my ELT life

I did my bachelor’s in biotechnology but didn’t find much passion there (or future in it, for me, anyway). I was voluntarily teaching tai chi during my university years and found skill and enjoyment in it. After university, I wanted to get out of Australia “for a while”. The result? I moved to Thailand in 2009 to teach English, and I’ve been there since.

My ELT life

I’ve been teaching English in Thailand for over 6 years now. I began teaching primary school children in a government school, which lasted one school year, then moved to teach Science and English at a government high school for a semester. After that, I moved to a private language centre, teaching mostly English conversation with a sprinkling of grammar, exam preparation (mostly GED) and business and hotel English. A year or so later, I became a freelance contractor, teaching phonics and reading to children, corporate English to adults, and academic English and IELTS preparation to high school and university students. I really enjoyed the latter and joined RMIT English Worldwide (REW) in Bangkok full-time.

I’ve been with REW ever since. Most of my teaching time have been spent on  IELTS prep and EAP, or academic-focused 4-skills courses done as preparation for those EAP or IELTS ones. I have also done a long list of other group classes, one-to-one courses, and workshops, in areas including TOEIC, SAT, academic writing, business English, hotel English, and children’s phonics and reading.

My ELT qualifications

I did an unrecognised TEFL course (1-month, full-time) that was attached to the first teaching agency I was employed by (it was free!), before starting at the government primary school in 2009. Although unrecognised, it was still an invaluable primer to ELT.

I took my CELTA in 2014 to consolidate where I was in the teacher development path and to gain a recognised qualification. I found it useful – but considering I’d already had over 4 years of wide experience – also easy.

And now…

My Delta adventure

I’m about to embark on probably the most difficult endeavour of my life: the Cambridge Delta modules.

I’m going to use this blog to record and reflect on this experience.

I’m hoping for daily posts- probably while taking the subway to and from days on the course – but let’s see how much reading, assignments, sleep, and other higher priority things get in the way.

For G&G

This blog is also dedicated to my grandma and grandpa, who are very excited to see me entering further study. They’re living their twilight years in a land far away (a land down under, ha), so posts here will, I hope, help them to follow my struggles and triumphs.



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